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Featuring unique FeelClean™ Technology for a more comfortable cathing experience

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GentleCath™ catheters are used in over 20 countries around the world

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ConvaTec have 40+ years experience with over 150 million catheters produced worldwide

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Winner of the international iF Design Award

Why choose GentleCath Air™?

Made For Comfort 2

Made for comfort

The FeelClean™ Technology in GentleCath Air™ creates a smooth, slippery surface designed to make insertion and removal easier. As soon as you pull the catheter out of the case, the FeelClean™ Technology is activated automatically – and it’s ready to go.

Designed For You 2

Designed for you

Awarded the iF Design Award for an innovative design that was seen to blend perfectly into women’s day-to-day lives.

Simple And Discreet 2

Simple and discreet

All features of GentleCath Air™ have been finely tuned to meet the needs of women cathing on the go – for example, the sleek case has a lid that screws back on after use, so you can seal your used catheter inside and throw it away when you can.

Helps Prevent Contamination 2

Helps prevent contamination

When cathing, bacteria from your hands can get on the catheter, which can cause infections. The easy-to-grip FreshSleeve™ on GentleCath Air™ means you never need to touch the catheter tube itself – this helps to minimise the risk of contaminating your catheter with bacteria.

Switching is simple.

Call us and we can help you switch.

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Request your free sample online:

  1. Fill in the simple form
  2. The me+™ team will then call you and organise the delivery of your sample box

If you prefer to speak to someone:

  1. Call your local me+™ team on 0800 587 7560
  2. The team will help organise the delivery of your sample box over the phone

Your GentleCath Air sample box will be delivered to an address of your choosing – don’t worry, it will look like any other normal delivery.

Once you’ve had a chance to try GentleCath Air, the team will check in to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re happy with GentleCath Air™, the team can register you with Amcare™ and organise for your prescription to be changed and delivered to your home. Alternatively, you can talk to your normal healthcare team to change your prescription when you’re ready.

How does it work?

Feelclean Technology

FeelClean™ Technology

GentleCath Air™ uses unique technology to achieve its smooth, slippery surface. We call this ‘FeelClean™ Technology’

But…how exactly does “FeelClean™ Technology” work?

Many catheters have a hydrophilic coating. ‘Hydrophilic’ means a substance that draws water towards it, like a magnet. The water drawn towards the coating makes it slippery, creating a sterile lubricant.

However, as the coating dries it can become sticky. This can cause discomfort as you insert or remove your catheter.

So, instead of a hydrophilic coating, FeelClean™ Technology uses hydrophilic properties that are embedded inside the catheter. The catheter surface then draws water towards it to create a smooth, well-lubricated surface.

FeelClean™ Technology in GentleCath Air™

GentleCath Air™ contains a small water chamber inside the case, which the catheter is pulled through as you remove it. This activates the FeelClean™ Technology so your catheter has a smooth surface and is ready to use.

Freshsleeve (1)

FreshSleeve™ helps prevent contamination

When cathing, bacteria from your hands can get on to the catheter and cause infections. To help minimise the risk of contaminating the catheter, the GentleCath Air™ catheter tube is covered by FreshSleeve™. 

Attached to the sleeve is the GuideTip™, designed to be easy to grip and use.

Award Winning

Award-winning design

We brought together a group of catheter users, healthcare professionals and product designers. Their mission? To solve the challenges women face when cathing and to make the process as easy as possible.

The result was GentleCath Air™, meticulously designed to provide maximum discretion, convenience and comfort.

GC-Active™ AirCase™

  • A discreet and sleek resealable case
  • A lid that screws back on after use so you can easily get rid of your used catheter

FreshSleeve™ with GuideTip™

  • Easy-to-grip
  • Helps prevent contamination
  • Easy to insert and remove

FeelClean Technology™

  • Rated by users as less messy than other catheters
  • Non-sticky
  • A smooth, slippery surface using unique hydrophilic technology
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It only takes a few minutes to order your free sample

Simply fill in the online form and one of our me+™ team will give you a call to organise your free sample.

They will ask about your prescription, so please try to have it handy.


How will my sample arrive?

You will receive a discreet package in the post and there will be no mention of catheters, GentleCath™ or Convatec on the outside. Inside, you’ll find your sample box which looks like the box shown here.

Want to try GentleCath Air™? Order your free sample now, or call on 0800 587 7560.