It’s time to challenge everything you know about hydrophilic coated intermittent catheters

It’s time to challenge everything you know about hydrophilic coated intermittent catheters. Unfortunately, pain and discomfort caused by intermittent catheters have been accepted norms for users. Friction, stickiness and messy residue caused by PVP-based coatings can all contribute to this dissatisfaction.

Find out more about the challenges your patients can face when using hydrophilic coated intermittent catheters

GentleCath™ with FeelClean™ Technology can change that.

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Game changing relief*

We’ve integrated hydrophilic additives into the material of the catheter meaning that FeelClean™ Technology out-performs other hydrophilic coated intermittent catheters in ease of removal, stickiness and residue levels.*


We are the only hydrophilic catheters that don’t use polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in our catheters – it’s used in glue and is what makes catheters sticky when they dry.

No sticking*

As coated catheters dry, they can stick which makes removal uncomfortable. But not anymore. GentleCath™ with FeelClean™ Technology take 39% less force to start removing than the leading coated catheter.*

Minimal mess and residue*

Because FeelClean™ Technology locks the hydrophilic properties in and doesn’t require a coating, users can enjoy more comfort without the unpleasant mess or residue associated with coated catheters.

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*Based on in vitro testing. WHRI7235 TA1519 Assessment of the benefits of FeelClean Technology against Competitor Products RPT-016290, 2021