What is the funnel at the end of my intermittent catheter?

The funnel at the end of an intermittent catheter is multi-functional. It can be used to attach a urine collection bag or to help guide and drain your urine into the toilet. The urine collection bag is helpful when you need to measure urine output, or it can help you to self-catheterise when a bathroom isn’t available.

Depending on the type of catheter you’re using, the funnel will have a specific colour. This is based on the universal colour-coding system, which corresponds with the catheter’s French size.

The funnel can also connect to a catheter extension tube to create more length to reach the toilet or urinal. The extension tube is often used by wheelchair users that want to pull up to a toilet and have their catheter reach all the way into the toilet, allowing them to catheterise from their chair.

It is important to know that not all intermittent catheters have funnels, some have a luer end, or open tube. While most intermittent catheters have a funnel, having a funnel at the end of your catheter is primarily based on your preference.

Remember to also speak with your healthcare provider when determining which catheter is right for you and your cathing routine.

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