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The me+™ program from ConvaTec offers tools to help make life as a catheter user completely your own. Request free product samples and information, discover answers to the most commonly asked cathing questions, create your own personalised video guide for self-cathing and learn from a community of people in similar situations to you.

Personalised Video Guide

Create a customised video guide by answering a few simple questions. Within seconds, you’ll have your very own personalised video with step-by-step instructions and tips tailored to you and your approach to cathing. Enrol in me+™ now so you can save your video for future viewing or editing.

User type

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This refers to your anatomy

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Wheelchair user

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Good dexterity

‘Dexterity' means the small movements of your fingers and hands. If you select ‘yes’ to good dexterity, your video guide will assume you can grip the catheter between your fingers. If this might be a problem for you, please select ‘no’.

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Select ‘yes’ if your stomach blocks your view of your genital area. Your video will then give you advice on how to make it easier for you to see what you’re doing properly.

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Preferred position

Choose the position you find most comfortable for cathing. Remember, you can always update your video and change your choice of position, if you want to try something else.

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Your catheter

Check the name on the packaging, carton or insert, if you’re not sure which GentleCath™ product you use.

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Type of tip

You can check this by looking at the tip of your catheter. Also, if ‘Tiemann’ or ‘Coudé’ is written on the packaging or carton you’re using a curved tip catheter.

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