Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida and your bladder

Very often, the nerves in the spinal cord that control the bladder did not form properly in children with Spina Bifida. This means the bladder will have trouble storing urine in the bladder, emptying the bladder, or both. 

Protecting kidneys and preventing infection

Almost all children with Spina Bifida will use intermittent catheters to protect their kidneys, prevent infections and allow them to wear underwear.

Sticking to water or clear fluids can also help with protecting the kidneys. Try to avoid caffeinated or fizzy drinks (tea, coffee, cola, etc.).

Cathing with confidence

People with Spina Bifida are likely to be some of the most confident catheter users, having started very young.

However, it can still be daunting, especially at school, and then later if you are in an office or social situation. Trying different products, positions and routines can help find the approach to cathing that works best in these situations.

Always consult your healthcare professional concerning your medical condition.

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