Multiple Sclerosis

MS and your bladder

There are two main types of bladder problems for people with MS: storage and emptying. Some people experience one and not the other, some people a bit of both.

The muscles in the bladder need to work in collaboration with each other when storing and emptying. One relaxes while the other contracts.

If the nerve pathways in the spine are interrupted, even a small amount of urine in the bladder can cause it to contract.

The effects

When MS is causing bladder problems you may find you need to pee very often, find it difficult to ‘hold on’ or experience leaking: or a combination of these symptoms.

You may find your bladder may not be emptying completely. This is often painless but can add to short and long-term bladder problems.

Managing your symptoms

Cathing can help manage these symptoms and improve your bladder health. Starting sooner rather than later helps prevent your bladder muscles from stretching and becoming damaged, causing incontinence.

If you’re experiencing bladder problems, using a catheter as part of your MS management plan can reduce the need for pads or disposables and offer you more freedom.

Always consult your healthcare professional concerning your medical condition.

Useful sites for people with MS


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