Cathing 101: Now wash your hands

Paul Young

Apr 7th 2017

We’ll continue ‘Self-Cath 101’ with advice that you’ll have almost certainly heard before. But I’m going to say it again (and again)…

Now wash your hands

Don’t be lazy! Do it. You’ll be tempted not to. That’s me ALL THE TIME. I’ve been there. I spent most of my twenties with lax hand-washing, touring the pubs and clubs of the land, and their associated shabby toilets. So I also spent most of my twenties with urinary tract infections.

I got married and discovered the word ‘hygiene’.

Wash your hands!

And keep the cath sterile where possible.


The opinions expressed here are of a personal and anecdotal nature, and are in no way a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your doctor or nurse if you have any questions.


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