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“Using an intermittent catheter will make my bladder weaker - I will get so used to emptying my bladder this way that I will eventually need to have a permanent catheter.”

Using an intermittent catheter will not deteriorate your condition or cause you to need a permanent, or indwelling catheter. In fact, it can help keep your bladder healthy, preventing stretching or further damage and is often an alternative to a permanent fixture.

It is important to know, that if you do not self-catheterize per the guidance from your doctor, you may find that you start to leak urine when your bladder becomes too full. Whether you're self-cathing forever or only for a certain amount of time, choosing not to self-catheterize means you're leaving urine in your bladder for a long period of time, which can lead to a distended bladder or a urinary tract infection. 

Learn more about the effects of not using an intermittent catheter when prescribed.

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